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Double Gorilla Tracking Experience In Rwanda

Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda for Double Experience? AA tours Rwanda offers 3 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda to Visit the Volcanoes National Park , Explore the Mountain Gorillas with Expert to enjoy a Double Gorilla Visit( 2 Treks).

The once in a lifetime opportunity you must not miss is the double gorilla trekking experience at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Viewing different gorilla families or back to the same family for the second gorilla trek is really unexceptional experience. Along your journey from Kigali you will not miss to see the spectacular views of the volcanoes mountain gorillas are highly intelligent, good natured and fascinating to observe and your time with virunga mountain gorillas will leave you feeling changed for the better.

Your double gorilla tracking adventure will take you through Africa’s most pristine afro- montane forest, and in so doing you will likely come across some other wonderful species like black and white monkeys, colorful Ruwenzori turacus and prehistoric three horned chameleons, but eventually, all your efforts will be duly rewarded as you come face to face with your first silver back and his family in the mystic depths of their lush stronghold.

Gorilla tracking has become an experience that powers up a vital lifeline for the preservation and conservation of last remaining mountain gorillas in Africa. Mountain gorilla trekking takes you for a short drive to the volcanoes national park headquarters and meet with the excellent local gorilla trekking guides and trackers who will lead you up into the Virunga Mountains for your first trek with gorillas. First though you will be given an informative talk on gorillas trekking etiquette, and assigned to your gorilla family group. Your gorilla trek starts in the general of the last sighting of your assigned family group. The trek can take between 1 and 6 hours and the terrain in Rwanda can be rough and at times muddy and slippery but experienced trackers, rangers and porters will ensure that is comfortable for everyone with frequent stops and opportunities to take in the views and take photographs.

Looking deep into the expressive brown eyes of the gorillas is surely the most profound and poignant wildlife encounter that Africa has no offer. After the fastest 45 minutes in your life you will get back from your gorilla trek to your lodge for a shower then have lunch and you rest for the second gorilla trek the next day.

So on your second day of gorilla trekking experience will do the same as yesterday by taking a short drive to the volcanoes headquarter and meet with the English guides and trackers who will lead you up into the virunga mountains for your second trek you can decide to either track the same group you did the previous day or you can opt for another gorilla family group and enjoy a lifetime experience of another gorilla family as you watch them interacting with each and watching closely their behaviors while swinging from tree to tree. After the experience you return back to Kinigi headquarters for your gorilla tracking certificates and then back to your lodge for lunch and resting until next day.

After breakfast you will be transferred to Kigali international airport for your departing flight back home or connection to your next destination. Book a Gorilla Trek Rwanda with the Experts for the Best Rates of 2016 & 2017.