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An Incredible Gorilla Safari Experience in Rwanda & Congo

African Countries Known for Gorilla Trekking Experience are Rwanda and Congo Plus, African Mountain Gorillas are Only Found in three National Parks that are only Shared by the three Nations of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

Mountain Gorillas Facts

There are only 880 mountain gorillas left in the wild and half of them live in Uganda’s forests. Mountains gorillas can only be found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.So, you have to keep at least a 7-meter distance.” Eating and drinking when near the gorillas is forbidden, and so is taking pictures with flash.

Each gorilla family is allowed to receive a maximum of eight visitors each day. The visit only lasts one hour.

Rwanda is called “the land of a thousand hills,” a green undulating landscape of crops, gardens and tea plantations. The country is also home to a third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, which attracts Rwanda’s largest tourism impact.

Hikes into the Volcanoes National Park starts with a brief orientation, where groups of eight are guided up the volcano with the assistance of a tracker, guide and porter. During the hike which could be muddy, the guide describes the surrounding flora, and how certain species are used as medicines by the indigenous Batwa tribes.

Mountain gorilla families can include between 10 and 30 members, with a fully grown male silverback as the head of the family. Because the gorilla families constantly move around the forest searching for food, the hike may take some time, depending on their current location in the forest. When the magical moment arrives of finally encountering the family, the primates will be grooming, playing and eating, as if they never noticed the arrival of curious human onlookers. The guides use certain vocalizations around the gorillas that researchers like the late primatologist Dian Fossey have found to convey a message of peace.

Appeased by the lack of threat, the gorillas will come out from their perches and rub past you as they play or look for delicious stalks of bamboo or one of the 142 varieties of plants represented in the silverback’s diet, including celery, nettles, thistles, succulent herbs, and wild berries.

Playful baby gorillas roll past visitors or even touch pants legs if they get close enough. One of the most interesting parts of watching the gorillas in their natural habitat will be witnessing their human-like emotions and mannerisms.

If you are an animal lover or simply enjoy adventure travel, gorilla tracking will prove to be a most memorable experience. Gorilla tracking is recommended for people ages 15 and older.

After finding the gorillas, you spend I hour, with them taking photos, videos. You take photos without flash. Back at the park headquarter, each visitor is given a certificate.

For Congo its the Same practice like in Rwanda but in Congo the Gorilla Permits are Sold by Visit Virunga, and Most of the Tour Operators that work in Rwanda still serve Gorilla Safari in Congo and they are Responsible for Securing the Gorilla Permit for the Traveler.

During my Visit to Rwanda and Congo i used the Company that was Called Active African Vacations, I landed on the Site that is called Gorilla Expeditions.com that had all the Packages in both Countries and what made me to select this travel company was that the company has 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda and even 2 Days Congo Gorilla Safari but according to my needs and interest in doing double Gorilla Treks in Rwanda and Congo i requested them to Tailor the 4 Days Rwanda & Congo Gorilla Safari Experience and it was nice that Godfrey helped me and Tailored the Safari for Me.

This Detailed Travel Plan was great as the first day was to trek the Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and After Crossed to Congo. so for travelers that wish to Explore Rwanda and Congo just take the shortest 4 Days Rwanda Congo Gorilla Safari Experience and for Congo Visa always Buy Congo Tourist Visa as its cheaper , but you have to make sure that for the first day you will be picked from the Hotel in Kigali Rwanda and Transfer to Volcanoes for Gorilla Trekking Adventure in the Jungle Forests of Rwanda.

Go Gorilla Trekking in Africa With a re Known Tour Agency called Gorilla Expeditions that offices in Kampala Uganda and Rwanda Kigali. They have a staff of 12 Members that are based in two offices and they have experienced Tour Guides and during my travel with them the Tour Guide was Jackson.